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How The Needles And Syringes Used In The Medical Sector Are Classified

There is no way the medical and health sector can ever operate successfully and achieve their goals without the use of the injectibles. The pair is, in fact, the most popular and commonly used medical tools and apparatus that come in a wide range brands depending on the user’s needs and expectations. The medical staff in charge of the procurement of the apparatus should, therefore, be careful during the purchase process to ensure they make the right choice basing on the tasks to be performed and the needs to be met as well. Bearing in mind the numerous types and brands of the needles s well as the syringes, the buyer should always work with the best combination without ignoring the suitability and appropriateness too.

Classification of the medical syringes following the tips they possess brings about a couple of syringes namely the Luer -Lok and the non Luer-Lok which are both available in the business market with much ease and minimal stress and strain. The two groups are a total contrast to each other such that while one calls for twisting and locking of the tip, the other does not.

There is another set of syringe classification that results from the type of fluid the syringe is suitable to deliver into the patient’s body. The first in this class is they insulin syringe which is not only petite in size but also has a volume of between not less than 0.3 ml and not more than 1 ml. This group of syringes is unique from the rest following the units they used in the calibration which are units. A good number of these syringes are marked up to 100 units and are best designed for self-medication and injection as well as for subcutaneous injections.

From the name given to the syringes; they are used to deliver the tuberculosis fluid into the body. They require no extra needle since they come fully fitted and ready for use by the medical expert. Their volume is approximately 1 ml and also small in size but should never be used for insulin administration.

Next come the types of needles of which a good number of them are usually made of stainless steel. They are composed of a hollow body with a miniature hole in the middle to allow the fluid being administered to flow through freely. The needles are made up of the various section each with its role to play during the use.

Needles are grouped according to their length and diameter. The former ranges between 0.5 inches and 3 inches while the former is usually measured in gauges and the greater the gauge, the smaller the diameter. The the diameter of a needle varies between 7 gauges, and 33 gauges and highly viscous fluids require tiny gauged needles.

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