5 Uses For Origami

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Simple Guide to Learning Origami

Origami is an ancient art, but it is still practiced in the modern days. It involves folding paper into various creative designs such as animals, shapes, and flowers. Some people perceive it as a sophisticated art, but you can learn through various tutorials that are available. As much as you can enjoy the art of origami, it is also essential for decorative purposes and adds beauty in different settings. If you would like to know how to make origami, the following steps are crucial.

Choose the right paper – There are different papers for origami, and if you want to make the best shapes, the secret lies in the choice of paper. The paper is an integral element when making origami designs. Amateur artists should select light papers which fold quickly and simple to rectify in case you make a mistake. Thick papers are the best for origami, and they are costly and should not be wasted, and for that matter, it is only professionals who use them. The papers have a wide range of colors which you can select depending on the object you want to make and your preferences. Although you can use a single color, it is recommendable to use a mix of colors to add flair your art.

Learn from the internet and other tutorials – The internet is resourceful, and it contains almost any information that you might need. Reading origami books might not be helpful as such and videos provide visuals that show the procedure of making various shapes and thus, it easy to learn using videos. Written materials about origami might not be helpful because origami is best taught practically. You will find various tutorials of origami, but it is vital that you choose the one who makes learning easy. Following the step by step demonstrations on the videos is easy.

Learn the simple origami designs – In learn origami, it is preferable that you start with the simple designs that are easy to master. It is easy to learn the styles, and it motivates you to be creative which is necessary for the advanced stage. It might take about 11 folds to make a simple origami design, and that is manageable for most beginners. The most common models that beginners learn are boxes, planes, and boats. break Proceed to advanced designs – Once you have mastered the basic designs, you can proceed to the advanced designs which are quite involving. It is quite challenging to make advanced origami designs, but through patience and keen learning, you can know them within a short time. The designs will have about 18 folds, and the common ones include a frog, crane, lotus, and dragon.

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